Staff at the Pleasant Point Health Centre take pride in being able to provide a full range of health services to our community. We provide consultations by experienced clinicians and referrals when necessary, to whichever specialists you may require.

During your consultation, you may be seen by a Nurse Practitioner, a General Practitioner or by a Registered Nurse, or a combination of any of these, depending on your health needs.

General practice is time constrained. We allow 15 minutes for each consultation. If you require a longer appointment, please let reception know when you are booking it and be aware that additional charges will apply.


Our clinical staff are all trained to test for Covid19. Samples are sent into the lab daily and results are back within 2 working days.

Medical Examinations

We carry out a wide range of examinations for

  • life insurance,
  • medical insurance,
  • travel insurance,
  • driver’s licences

When you make an appointment for one of these examinations, please tell the receptionist so that time can be allocated appropriately. Our reception staff will ensure that any information that you share is treated confidentially.

Minor Surgeries

We are equipped to handle many forms of minor surgery. Some of these will be prolonged procedures and will need a separate appointment following an initial assessment visit. There may well be ongoing costs associated with post-operative dressings. These are not charged at the time of the surgery as they vary for each patient’s needs.


If you intend to travel overseas, you may need immunisations to protect yourself against diseases like hepatitis A, polio, typhoid and others.

Some countries require proof of vaccination against certain diseases before they will allow you entry. The requirements change according to the status of outbreaks.

Not all overseas travel requires vaccinations, but if you travel to high risk destinations like Africa, India, Central and South America and parts of Asia, it’s recommended to talk to us well in advance of your trip. Especially if you are planning to travel to rural areas, go backpacking, hitchhiking or tramping, it’s advisable to check with us about the necessary travel vaccinations.

Some vaccines require a course of several injections for full immunity and even single vaccines need to be given at least a fortnight before travel.

Nursing Services

Our Registered Nurses are very experienced and provide a wide range of services.

For test results please phone between 4pm – 5pm.

Appointment Times

Standard appointments are scheduled for 15 minute intervals.

It is usually only possible to deal with one problem in that time. If you think you will need longer, please book a longer appointment, which may incur extra charges.

It would be very helpful if you could tell us in advance whether your appointment is for a particular need such as ACC, insurance medical, contraception etc, so that your appointment can be fitted in appropriately.

For long term medical problems and non-urgent appointments, it would be helpful if you could book 2-3 days ahead.

While we endeavour to stick to the appointment schedule, occasionally unexpected emergencies or a consultation running over time will cause delays. Our receptionists will advise you of delays so you can choose to wait or reschedule. We apologise for this, but emergencies do happen.

Please let us know if you are running late or need to change your appointment. If we do not receive at least 2 hours notice that you will not be attending your appointment, the full consult fee will be charged


Some patients may find it easier to come to appointments with someone who can help them with communication. This may be a family member or friend.

With advance notice, we can arrange for an interpreter to be present via a telephone-based service. Language Line is a service provided through The Office of Ethnic Affairs. It is a cost-per-use service and the costs are added to the cost of the consultation. Language Line services are completely confidential.

Patients may request:

  • A chaperone to be present at time of a consultation.
  • Time to seek a second opinion.
  • Informed Consent – Full information and time to think before you decide on a service or treatment.

Additional Services:

We have  a number of external providers who offer their own services from our premises., including physio and podiatry and  a range of counselling services.

  • Geraldine Physiotherapy run two sessions per week. Bookings can be made through the Pleasant Point Health Centre
  • Adele Bradley Podiatry runs one clinic per month. Bookings can be made through the Pleasant Point Health Centre.
  • Graham Good is and ACC-accredited treatment provider of Acupuncture. He also offers Acupressure (for patients that don’t like needles), Chinese Massage/Tuina, Cupping, Qi Gong, AcuVibe and Fitness & Wellness coaching. Graham is here at the Practice on Tuesdays. 

The above services are NOT restricted to patients of the Pleasant Point Health Centre, but are available for everyone.

Acupuncture – Sterile Single use needles are inserted into Acu points. These points are usually tender to touch even by applying finger pressure on them. These points often ‘Alarm’ when there is a pathology in the corresponding meridian or organ system. My motto is less is more with Acupuncture needles and go for an accurate diagnosis and treatment principal.

Acupressure – Same as Acupuncture but without the needles. I often do Acupressure in treatments as it is a great diagnostic tool alongside palpation.

Tuina – (Pronounced TWEENA) is a form of deep tissue or sports massage. Great for a quick head and neck release. Usually, you see this done in malls or shopping centres therefore it can be done fully clothed. Tuina can be performed whole body, usually in clinic I do head/neck/shoulders and back.

CuppingCupping is soo great! It involves a flame in a cup to draw out the oxygen then placed onto the skin. It can be used as a stationary cup or to slide on oil. Feels like a massage. This is so great for OOS/RSI as it draws stagnant blood from deep within the muscle to the surface of the skin. You usually see a bruise from the cup – looks bad but feels great after. Great for sports injuries/ tired worn-out muscles or for neck/shoulder/back tension.

Qi GongMeans Energy movement. Great for energy flow, clear mind and strengthening the lower back.

AcuVibe Sound/Vibration from tuning forks at different frequencies are used on acupoints around the body to elicit calm and healing. Feels so calming and relaxing.

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