Portal Updates

Portals Make a Difference.

One of the interesting features about a patient portal is that patients can book an appointment at a time that best suits them, with the clinician of their choice.

About 13% of our patients at the Pleasant Point Health Centre are signed up to the patient portal. This is slightly below the national average of 15.9%. Portal utilisation by our patients is reasonably promising as (on average) 2 appointments are made each day through the portal. Each day, 3 people check results of lab tests and at least 2 scripts are requested. Obviously our patients are ‘connected’. The majority of those making appointments via the portal are aged between either 35-40, or 45-50.

As the practice gets busier (and many of you will have noticed the new faces) we need to be able to minimise congestion at reception and keep the phonelines available for emergencies. Having people make their own appointments, requesting repeat prescriptions and checking their own results also enables patients to take greater ownership of their healthcare.

We are working on changes to the phone system and as of July, the default for all new enrollments is that they are joined up to the portal when they enrol. Whether they use it or not is up to them, but the intention is that we will have secure messaging facilities integrated into the portal at some stage soon which will enable patients to have direct dialogue with our clinicians.

As we promised, patients can now see their lab results via the portal. One of the next stages will be to open up patient notes.

Make sure you are “joined up” to the patients portal (log in and have a look around) .

Keep checking in here  for updates on any new portal features.

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