Please Note: This privacy policy pertains specifically to the Patient Portal and is in addition to our Practice Privacy Policy

  • By registering/joining up with the Pleasant Point Health Centre MyIndici Patient Portal,  you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following policy and associated procedures
  • We may amend or replace this Policy from time to time. Any changes or amendments are posted here on the Point-Health website. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep yourself apprised of any changes.

 Please also familiarise yourself with the Terms and Conditions for using the portal.

Personal Information

To register for the patient portal you need to have your own email address and preferably a cellphone. By registering you agree and acknowledge that health information will be accessed by or provided to the health care providers at the Pleasant Point Health Centre

You acknowledge that we have no obligation to check any information provided by you and that we will not check it. If you communicate with us by, for example e-mail , via the portal, or by letter, any information provided in such communications may be collected as Personal Information.

We may terminate your enrolment or your right to use the patient portal if we reasonably consider or suspect that you have provided us with any information that is not true and correct or that is misleading or deceptive.

When you provide us with Personal Information, it will be accessible to our clinical team and other healthcare providers (as required) involved in your healthcare. We do not share, sell, rent or trade your Personal Information with any other parties, groups or organisations.

Irrespective of any laws relating to keeping confidential or private any information that you provide to us, your privacy is important to us. We will not disclose your Personal Information to any third parties unless permitted by this Policy, or you have otherwise authorised us to do so, or where disclosure is required by law, or where we in good faith consider it to be necessary or appropriate to institute any form or legal or quasi legal proceedings against you.

Protection of and Access to Personal Information

We will take reasonable steps to protect the security of the Personal Information that you provide to us or that we collect from you. We use technologies that we consider are appropriate to ensure the reasonable security of information transmitted electronically and maintained in our possession.

You are entitled to access any information that we may hold about you and we will provide it so long as we have it and it can be readily retrieved. You are also entitled to request us to correct any inaccuracies in any information that we hold about you, though you can correct your own information by logging on to the site. We may charge you for the reasonable costs of retrieving, providing the information and if applicable, correcting the information.

We use all reasonable endeavours to comply with the Privacy Act, where it applies; save where we are permitted and do contract out of it or where you agree that we are not required to comply with the Act (where it would otherwise apply).

If you wish to close your portal account, you should contact reception at the Pleasant Point Health Centre

Storage of Personal Information

Health Information that you provide to us or that we collect from you via the patient portal, may be stored or added to your patient files at the Pleasant Point Health Centre. This health information will be treated in compliance with the New Zealand Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

Exclusion and Limitation of Liability

Neither we nor any of our agents or employees accept any liability for any breach of this Privacy Policy (or of any law except to the extent to which any applicable law prevents us from excluding our liability). Should we or any of our agents or employees be prevented from excluding our or their liability, then to the extent that any applicable law so allows, we and they limit the liability to NZ$100.

This provision survives any termination of your access to the patient portal, or as a registered patient at the Pleasant Point Health Centre.

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