No Charge November

That’s right. For the month of November 2020, ALL repeat prescription requests placed through the Myindici patient portal will be free of charge from the Pleasant Point Health Centre*

Save yourself up to $20 per request.

What does it cost to join Myindici?   NOTHING. Make sure your details (email address and phone numbers) are up to date with us by giving Reception a ring on 6147002 (option 3) and ask them to join you up to the Portal. 

It really can be that simple!

*Terms and Conditions of this offer:

  • You must be an enrolled patient of the Pleasant Point Health Centre
  • This offer only applies to your long-term medications / regular medications. It does not cover requests for new medication. 
  • This offer does not cover and pharmacy fees and these will still apply
  • This offer runs from the 1st of November 2020, through to the 30th November 2020
  • You must not have an outstanding account with the Health Centre -unless you are on an agreed payment plan (agreed by the Manager PPHC) 


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