Mental Health Assistance

New Initiative

As many of you will be aware, the Pleasant Point Health Centre is trialing a new initiative for the benefit of some of our patients with mental health needs. This is in response to a significant need in our community. A similar need has recently been reported across the entire country in a recent mental health sector review.

Subsidised mental health services across New Zealand appear to be bulging at the seams and patients are having to wait unacceptable periods of time to access much-needed services. This situation is the same for patients around the South Canterbury district and for some from our local area and this practice.

Cost is a major factor in patients being able to access help privately and those that can are often overwhelmed by the lack of availability of private counselors. The counselors are swamped with the demand. The public system is under-funded, short on staff and waiting periods are unacceptable.

We all know of someone who suffers from a mental health issue, but how many of those people are getting appropriate help? How many are suffering, undiagnosed?.

Due to the size of our practice, the limited resources at our disposal and the sheer volume of need, we have had to restrict our initiatial trial to our own registered patients. Whilst we would like to be able to help everyone in the district, this trial is funded by donations given specifically for the patients in this practice.

The trial relies on donations, from the practice itself, the community and from individuals, with 100% of funds raised used to pay the wages of a trained, and very experienced counselor to work 1:1 with patients in need that are referred by our own clinicians. If donations do not meet the costs, the Health Centre will meet the shortfall to ensure that the Counselor has guaranteed work for the duration of the trial.

We provide a similarly-funded bloods service, where 100% of the $6 charge goes towards covering the cost of the phlebotomist and providing the service.

Our aim is to:

  • provide a service to meet the high demand
  • provide a service that is (non-profit) sustainable, through donations, grants and patient co-payments
  • improve the mental well-being of those that most need it
  • remove the barriers that many mental health patient experience (cost and location of treatment)

Those patients that are referred to this service will be expected to contribute towards the costs (although the intention is that cost will never be a barrier) of attending each session. We are investing in the well-being of each of these people and we expect them to do the same.

All private donations towards this initiative are anonymous. We will not check who gave it, and you will not ever know who benefited from it, aside from knowing that they were chosen based on their need, as determined by our trained clinicians.

If you wish to donate from a corporate or commercial entity, and do require a receipt for a donation from an organisation, please contact Tania at the Health Centre or use the details below and ask for a receipt.

The Health Centre will also provide all administrative functions for the initiative at no cost. ALL funds raised will be used to provide the service.

Make a donation:

If you want to donate to this urgently needed initiative, please remit your donations to

Account Number: 06 0889 00333668 025

Account name: Point II Care

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