Please take a moment to fill in our patient satisfaction survey form. Your responses help us when we are developing our policies and procedures and staff training.

My phonecalls to the health centre are dealt with appropriately:

When I need to see a clinician urgently, I am seen that day:

Car parking at the health centre is adequate.

The waiting room is comfortable and welcoming.

There are suitable toys/activities for children in a child friendly environment.

The receptionists make me feel welcome.

The clinical staff are friendly and helpful.

There are health information leaflets available for me to read.

I was consulted and involved in all decisions about my treatment.

The Clinician (GP/NP/RN) explained about my condition/problem in a way that I could understand.

I know how to access after hours medical care.

I know how to advise the practice if I am unhappy with the service I have received.

Please rate all of your experiences at the Pleasant Point Health Centre

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Compliments and Complaints

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