Why Enrol with us?

Enrolment is easy, costs you nothing and benefits you, your family and your community. When you and your family enrol with us, you will pay significantly lower fees for visits to your healthcare provider and less for each subsidised medicine they may prescribe for you, and you will be able to use our virtual services and online portal.

In addition to this:

  • The Health Centre will help you take part in prevention programmes, such as cervical and breast screening, and it will send you immunisation reminders for your children
  • The Health Centre will proactively help you to manage conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and to address other health-related issues, such as smoking, to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Easiest way to Enrol at Point Health

The following form is by far the easiest way to enrol at the Pleasant Point Health Centre. You will have to complete a new form for each family member that enrols with us, but thats it. You just submit it online. Have a copy of any documents you might need ready to go so you can upload them if required and then click the Join Now button..

enrolment form
Just click the button

The NEXT-Easiest way to ENROL

  • Download the pdf enrolment form below: fill it in and then hand in the completed and signed form into the receptionist at the Pleasant Point Health Centre, or email the completed, signed document to: admin@point-health.nz

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